Update Your Jewelry in Five Minutes

Don’t we all fantasize a little about making our own, one of a kind clothing and accessories?  I’m pretty obsessed, but I’m also a person who likes simple but creative ideas.  Here are a few ways to re-invent the jewelry you already own for a quick, easy new look.

Brooches Make Great Pendants – Vintage brooches are popular and fun, and irresistible to buy.  Yet wearing a new or vintage brooch on a jacket or blouse looks a bit too mature sometimes.  Why not string one on a chain like a pendant?  As long as the pin is closed, there won’t be any major slippage, and the angular way it hangs will look artsy and cool.

Make a Statement with Traditional Necklaces – Big, bold, statement necklaces are everywhere, and yes, they are fabulous.  But what if you don’t have the budget to buy new enameled bibs and mixed-media pieces?  One idea:  take multiple short to choker length chain necklaces (the kind that come with crosses, small charms, etc) and wear three or four at a time.  Move the charms so they are grouped together on the middle chains, or any way they look good.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals.  Chokers are slowly coming back in fashion, and I predict the look of layering dainty, ladylike chains will be huge.

Attach Bracelets and Chains Together – This look works best with mixed metals and textures, or gemstones.  Just attach a pretty bracelet to a chain using the clasps already on both pieces and you have a new necklace.  If you have a lot of linking bracelets, try putting those together, too.  Adding any kind of hardware in between, such as safety pins or paperclips, is completely on-trend and a good way to make fancy items feel more punk.  You can also mix in any bead, button or charm that will link in without weakening the overall piece too much.

Ribbon Magic – A pretty ribbon can turn anything into a necklace.  As long as it doesn’t fall off, you can string an earring, charm, pendant, brooch, bead (or beads) or anything else on a ribbon and tie it in back.  Tying a substantial fiber (like ribbon, silk, jersey)  at the back of the neck instead of using a traditional clasp is extremely popular in jewelry design right now, and super easy to copy at home.

Ribbon Magic Part II – I have seen a lot of fabric and ribbon wrapped bangle bracelets popping up lately.  You can wrap any bangle in a strip of fabric, and as long as you do not glue anything to the bracelet itself, you can have two looks in one.  Make sure the loose ends are tucked, knotted, or glued to fabric ONLY and as soon as you get tired of it, just cut off the fabric and you have your original bracelet back.  Experiment with adhesive, and be careful.  Any precious metal bangle should not be touched with glue.  Double stick scrapbooking tape will hold the fabric to the cuff for a few hours, and shouldn’t damage silver or copper.  I’m not an expert on gold, but if you have a gold bangle, why are you covering it anyway?

If you have your own jewelry update ideas, please leave a comment to share with the group.  Not your best secret, of course, but your 3rd or 4th favorite.  What’s that saying….imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?  Be imitated!